Greece Elects Goat

Socrates the Goat, new prime minister of Greece

Socrates the Goat, new prime minister of Greece

A rather surprised looking Goat called Socrates has been unanimously voted in as the new prime minister of Greece after a closely fought election campaign.

Socrates, who apparently struck a fine balance between the austerity measures of the right and the ‘F*ck it let’s just blow all the cash and then beg for more’ policy of the left, will begin his term in office this morning.

This is believed to be the first time domestic animal has occupied the top position in Greece, or any other large European nation.

It may have happened in Lichtenstein once or twice but no so you would notice.

Socrates is expected to form a cabinet consisting mainly of sheep as they are easy to control and do at least pay their own way in wool.

His chancellor however will be a mule called Zorba who will not change his mind, even if you set fire to his genitals.

Reaction is mixed to the post as nobody actually remembers voting for a goat.

However, in a country where the bus drivers earn more money than fund managers do in the rest of the world, chances are most of the electorate were down the local pub washing their arses with Dom Perignon.




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