Greece Secures Finance from We-Buy-Any-Goat.Com

greek bail out - we buy any goat - the haddockGreece has recieved another stay of execution after a group of enterprising farmer have manged to raise some cash for the country after they contacted used goat firm ‘’ and asked them for help.

We-Buy-Any-Goat promise to buy any goat, no matter what condition it is in, although they won’t give you a fair price of course.

This was no barrier to the farmers who seem to have an inexhaustable supply of goats which they have been hurding into giant trucks and carting off to the We-Buy-Any-Goat HQ.

The money raised will go into a collective pot which will be used to buy food like chicken for the starving Greeks.

The IMF have found a supplier who will sell chicken cheaply to the Greeks as a favor.

As for the goats, what becomes of them?

Well, up until now that has been a mystery, however, a secret film obtained by Haddock HQ shows the goats being cut up into ‘Chicken-type-shapes’ and packed into boxes for export to Greece.