Greece to pawn Euro 2004 trophy to pay off debts

A G20 summit  meeting this week voted not to allocate Greece any further funds for euro debt bail out.

David Cameron categorically stated that he would not support a proposed additional 100 billion euro bail out for the ailing Baltic state.

This has led to Greece being plunged into bankruptcy, severe economic hardship and becoming unable to pay the wages, benefits or pensions for millions of its people.

David Cameron immediately backed calls for establishing a 100 billion euro fund to provide food, clothing and shelter to destitute Greek citizens.

The Greek population simultaneously voted to leave the euro economy and revert to the drachma.

George Osbourne, the Chancellor for Britain, a nation that has never entered the euro economy and has stood back waiting for ‘the right time to join’ did not hesitate to castigate the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, for its decision to leave.

The Greek leader responded by saying ‘Give us back the Elgin Marbles you thieving bastards, no wonder we’re in debt’.

Osbourne additionally provided a brief advisory statement to Germany and France on proposed monetary policy for the euro.

Sarkozy and Merkel immediately responded with a joint statement saying ‘as Britain has got **** all to do with the euro, why doesn’t it just butt out and leave us to get on with it’.

Merkel added ‘And another thing, in 1966, that was definitely not a goal against Germany, and that Russian linesman should have been shot’.

Osbourne’s policy document includes a recommendation that Greece’s Euro 2004 football trophy be pawned to the highest bidder, to offset its debt.

A recent poll of Norwegian citizens emphatically reinforced its decision in 1994, not to join the European Union.

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