Greek Austerity Protesters Complain About Poor Public Services at Demonstrations!

Greeks campaigning against government austerity measures connected to their massive national debt have complained about the lack of public services when protesting. At least fifty campaigners highlighted the poor state of the roads, twice that number insisted that the public lavatories smelled of piss and many more that the police were ill equipped and that the hospitals could not cope with injuries sustained during  the rallies.

“It’s bad enough having to come out here and protest against the government cutting down on services without having to put up with poor facilities!” Complained one man. “How am I supposed to rail against the system when I’m stuck in a toilet queue?”

Another said that she was losing wages by attending the rally and that it would be so much more worthwhile if the government had laid provision for them.

The Haddock’s Greek correspondent; Benedict Porpoise, put it to the protesters that had they paid their taxes in the first place they might be in a position to expect help from the government who may have, in turn been able to service the debt which they may in fact have never accrued at all had they the public funds to pay it!

In answer to this question the protesters universally agreed that things weren’t that bad after all. They then cleared their throats and wandered off whistling innocent little tunes.

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