Greek Economy faces ‘Euronasia!’

Greek Economy to be put down Euronasia

Greek Economy to be put down by Euronasia

Plans are afoot to put the Greek economy to sleep with dignity and  humanity, a process herafter known as Euronasia.

Years of spending borrowed money have left them with debts so large that a special wide-screen ATM has been installed in the Greek parliament so they can check their overdraft limit.

The rest of Europe (Greece’s owners)  have sought advice from a number of experts and it has been decided that the ailing economy should be put out of its misery.

“It’s had a great life!” said a representative of the German government tearfully. “And we’ll miss it terribly but I think it’s for the best.”

“It just wanders around covered in its own faeces, eats too much and spends the rest of the time sleeping,” said a leading economic commentator.

The process of humanely destroying an economy is completely painless and takes seconds.

On a chosen day it will be led into a room, stripped naked and asked to hand over all of its Euros (currently there are still seven left).

These will then be replaced by ten trillion Drachma and the promise of a new life (or an ostracized pseduo-dark ages type existence broadly to similar to the one they had in the 1950’s)

The Spanish economy, which has been limping badly for the last year or so is expected to be next although one last attempt at resuscitation is expected to be tried over the next few months.

However, instead of the quiet  dignity of Euronasia, this is more likely to be something closer to shoving one aching paw into a plug socket!