Greek Euros make excellent Toilet Paper

Greek Euro toilet paper

Greek Euro, wipe your bum with Currency

The world’s most useless printed item; the Greek Euro, has finally come into its own it seems.

Unsure what to do with the valueless notes, enterprising Greek restaurateurs and cafe owners have been gluing them together to make novelty toilet paper.

“It’s surprisingly absorbant,” said Dennis Baines, a UK holiday who found himself on the business end of a dodgy moussaka.   “And it makes you think about the crisis as you chizzle out last nights dinner.”

Tourists have embraced the idea and on the back of that, tourist shops at museums and attractions have begun selling the notes to visitors, sometimes for as much as the number printed on the front.

So many of the notes have been sold in this way that they have accrued a street value.

Much to the enjoyment of the a collection of odds and end who may or may not be the Greek Government, some Greek Euros were actually stolen from a pedestrian last week.

“This is fantastic!” Said one of the four hundred potential prime ministers. “If they’re stealing them, they must be worth something!”

It is unclear if the money was stolen because the assailant was caught short after a different dodgy moussaka.

If the thief is apprehended he is more likely to be decorated than incarcerated!

Greek Euro toilet paper is now being exported to other countries so you can expect to see it in the shops this summer.

Ordinary loo paper still has a larger market value than the Greek money and is accepted as legal currency in most Greek shops hotels and restaurants.





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