Greek Government to Auction Flying Horse, Golden Fleece and Medusa to Raise Funds!

Medusa for Sale

Medusa for Sale

In an attempt to service their herculean debt, the Greek Government announced this morning that they will be selling certain ‘artifacts’ in order to raise cash.

Of particular interest is lot 7 a “Golden Fleece” which was has been generously donated by a very old man called Jason. Also lot 12 a flying horse (one careful owner, Mr Perseus and his wife Andromeda who have a B&B in Crete called Kraken Egg) and Lot 31 a woman who can apparently turn anything into stone (Very useful in the construction industry).

In addition to this fourteen of the most famous gods have been put up for auction. Apparently they can boost the tourist industry of any country and representatives from zimbabwe and afghanistan have already registered some interest apparently.

Finally Mount Olympus has been granted planning permission for a hotel, shopping centre and theme park called the ‘Lightening Bolt Centre’.

The Auction was believed to have been called after suggestions that the Greek government are not being totally up front about their finances. In 2001 their police force seemed to have enough time and resources to detain British plane spotters indefinitely. The men were accused of spying big on expensive military aircraft. All this despite the fact that Military Aircraft and police cost money and yet apparently no taxes were collected during this period. Unless the police and the army are both voluntary organisations, something doesn’t quite add up!