Greeks Furious at IMF for being Honest!

The Greek government (or at least the space which it ought to occupy) is said to be furious with IMF leader Christine Lagarde after she suggested that they don’t pay taxes.

It’s not the accusations which have so infuriated them, it’s the fact that she had the audacity to tell the truth in the political arena.

After all, anyone with a basic grasp of arithmetic can tell you that the Greeks don’t pay enough taxes, if they did they wouldn’t need to borrow so much money. And since the Greeks gave us arithmetic in the first place they ought to know better.

However, using the truth within the political arena is frowned upon by many governments, often the type of government where the president carries a pistol in the back of his pants, but also some more developed nations too.

This blatantly honest, un-spun and non-cryptic statement from Legarde completely threw them.

“You can’t just go banding the truth around with such blatant disregard,” said Greek political commentator Anna Phalaxis. “How can you possibly build an exciting political manifesto without baseless promises and unachievable goals? If we all told told the truth there’d be no need for politicians at all and that means more unemployment!”

In the light of this conflict the Greeks have asked to borrow a number of antique Video cassette duplicators, in order to kick-start a non-existent VHS bootlegging industry which the government has come to refer to as the “Green Entertainment Intiative.” The name is somewhat of a misnomer, as it refers to the iconic green smoke that pours out of the smokestacks of the Kasmopoli Holding Corporation.