Haddock Band Interview: ‘The Theme’…South London Mods!

The Haddock interviews THE THEME


The Theme are a 5 piece Mod outfit from South London. They pitch themselves as working class lads re-imagining Mod music for modern times (or something like that… don’t quote us okay, we’ve lost the notes!)

We caught up with the band in a Turkish Bath near Balham and here’s what they had to say!
The Theme

1. So, you’re clearly influenced by The Jam…but how do you feel about the Style Council?

Not a big fan style council to be honest 

[Good answer, they were shit!]

2. What is your muse? From listening to the songs you come across as very angry with some bird.

Working class, just full of pent up energy lol

3. This one is for our readers specifically…do you like gutting fish in the dark?


[Economic answer there…best not to waste any of that pent up energy on fish gutting]

4. There’s a bit of Busscocks in your music, a hint of Oasis and even a pinch of The Housmartins…what bit is there that you’re not telling us about?

We’ve had everything from Busscocks to the jam, The Who to Oasis, Libertines the Kinks, we’re not fussed we love what we’re doing.

5. How would you feel about having your posters up in a Turkish bath?

Anywhere will do lol

[Be careful what you wish for!]

6. Do you wish it was still the sixties?

Not really, were making a noise now, happy enough.

[That isn’t strictly true as everyone wishes it was the sixties] 

7. If it was still the sixties, what hygiene issues would nag at you on a day to day basis?

lol ain’t got a clue

[There was no Lynx Chocolate for a start!]

8. One can only assume that you drive mopeds. Do you find it hurtful and degrading that mopeds are used to deliver pizzas?

Not if you wanna pizza best way to get one hey. Not all of us drive mopeds, the mod is more of an image. The music just what we love doing..

[Could it be that they love doing music? That’s how this interview is panning out]

9. There are no girls in your band…did you ask any and get turned down?

Too many birds wanted to join, felt it unfair to take just one not the loads that applied lol!

[Form an orderly queue ladies! Remember to bring your instrument and tune it yourself!]

10.   Describe a typical ‘The Theme’ fan.

Typical theme fan, your football terrace, casual wearing chap, but also got the indie and mod following.

[That’s three fans… but we’ll let you off]

11.   What are your fans known as? Themites, Themarians, Themeapostles, Themen samples?

Thery’re known as the best crowd a band could ask for.

12.   How did you come up with that name? Is it because all the other good ones  were taken?

Ain’t got a clue to be honest, easy lol.


13.   And finally…the chances are you haven’t been asked the question that you wanted to be asked yet…so come on then…what is it you really want to say about your band?

Give us a chance, were the ballsy rock’n’roll band that’s not out there at the moment, 100mph energy. 2 door cinema club and all that rubbish, no passion. 

[Mods and Rockers at the same time…that must make for some pretty spicy rehearsals! And  they’ve already thrown down the gauntlet by insulting some other bands…great stuff! That’s the spirit lads!]

The Theme are:

Gary Davis -lead vocals
Paul Bassom – lead guitarist
Martin Gamby – Drums
Pete sims – bass
Reece Wiggett – lead/rhythm guitar

Check them out on Facebook  and Reverbnation

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