Bother The Haddock

…Alright…What is it now?

Here at the Haddock we are always getting messages. Mostly threats, offers of Russian Brides and enough viagra to keep the entire male population of South America rock hard for forty-two months solid. Sometimes, we are relably informed, some of our readers wish to take time out from their worthwhile endeavours to let us know how we have touched upon their lives with our comic genius.

We have set up an email address to enable you to contact us and regale us with tales of that time you told a joke and all your mates laughed until they vomitted out of their nostrils and how everybody is always telling you that you should be on television and how much better your brand of humour is next to the rest of the crap that is out there. Good for you.

Our email address is one of the following:

  • satiremyarse@
  • canyoushowmeonthedollwherethehaddocktouchedyou@
  • cocknocker@
  • randomcomplaining@
  • iamtitaniaqueenofthefairies@

Alternatively feel free to submit your message via the form below:

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