Haddock HQ – New Automated Phone Greeting Installed


Haddock HQ – Automated Telephone Greeting (Click Here)

Thank you for calling The Haddock:

For English, press 1.For Sanskrit, press 2.For checkers, press 3; all other board games, press 9.If you’re calling about submitting material, please press 4 or send an email to the editor for the quickest possible rejection.If you’re a contractor calling about the spill on floor 10 of the Haddock Headquarters, please hang up and get the fuck over herebefore we break our necks.No one press 5 under any circumstances.For pictures of silly kittens, please contact 2004.For foul mouthed remarks, please contact US Vice President Joe Biden.Sex workers, we’ve told you about calling here. Our wives check our phone records.For hot air balloons and any other inquiries, please press 7.And now, The GO! Team.

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