Haddock Review: New Wave Sensations ‘Southway’

Haddock News - Southway interview

Shaun Jason and Shiun Kim from New Wave Sensation  (Too strong a word? No by God!) ‘Southway’ were daft enough to grant us an interview. Actually it went pretty well considering…do have a read darlings:

1) If you didn’t call the band Southway what, much better, but sadly already taken, name would you have chosen?

Red Hot Frilly Slippers is good. Velvet Overground is terrific. Talking Beds…they’re all classic. Oh and of course The Rolling Bones are one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen.

2) The single is called ‘Changing World’ was ‘Men’s Changing room’ ever on the table?

I don’t think I understand the question. I’ve never seen a changing room on top of a table, let alone a male one. What does that look like and where can I find one? Indeed that would be a good subject for a pop song. Perhaps the next single will be ‘The Can on the Table’. Thanks for the scoop!

3) Your sound has been described as guitar and synth-driven rock with a heavy dark electro edge, 80’s New Wave and post-punk. Assume for a second that we haven’t a clue what that means, would ‘Sounds Quite Nice’ be a good way to summarize where you’re going with this?

The word nice for me doesn’t really work. It sounds more like a biscuit or cookie. Grandmas do ‘nice’ things on a Wednesday afternoon just before bingo. I would prefer, “that’s a helluva racket!”, or perhaps “WTF!”. A more creative approach might be “The sound of wild animals getting down to disco, as they’re getting it on in the trees”.

4) You are tipped to be the face of new rock music in the uk. Does it have an old face? who’s is it? And why is yours nicer? (Illustrate your answer if you wish)

The old face is a sad old wrinkled face that needs botox and a weekly massage down at Westfileld. It’s the face of an old Grandma that goes to bingo every Wednesday afternoon after a cuppa tea and a plate of ‘nice’ biscuits. I don’t know if our faces are ‘nicer’ (it’s that word again), but you know…..a change is as good as a rest.

5) Is there a question we could ask you right now that would have such a profound effect upon you that, when you’re hugely famous and influential, you’d still talk about both it and this interview with great fondness and perhaps invite us to some of ‘those’ parties? And if so…what is it and can we ask you it under the proviso that we thought of it?

That question would be….Why??? I think the question ‘why?’ is a vastly underrated question. It’s like investigating the properties of zero, or knowing the truth about love. If we all knew the answers to these questions I think the world would be in a much better shape. Perhaps a hexagon or 3D parallelogram, would be a preferred shape, though not as aerodynamic.

6) Apart from the previous question, what other key questions have you never been asked and why?

We’ve never been asked, ‘How do I get to the Eiffel Tower??? This is probably because we live in London.

7) Who are your major influences and have they made you do anything you didn’t really want to do against your will?

Our major influences are ourselves, and we never do anything against our own will.

8) Why is there a drum in your video? Do you think people will be wondering if you’re able t play the guitar and yet somehow hit a snare with some other part of your body (perhaps using levers or electronics).

We are actually working on that. We have been fascinated with stem cell research, ever since seeing a photograph on the internet, showing a human ear growing on the back of a mouse. Rather than levers and electronics, we are coming from a more organic approach, working with a cutting edge laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, that are doing breakthrough research with regards to detachable appendages. We see this as a major breakthrough in science, and are hoping that in the future, the project will gain major investment from global backers. Already, one of the world’s largest shoe manufacturers has shown great interest in the research, as well as new start-up in London called ‘Headcount’. The project unfortunately has received a fair amount of opposition, the morality of its nature has caused protesters worldwide to voice their opinions in outrage, however we feel that there’s no real arm in it.

9) Given that we have probably not asked you the questions you would have like us to (with the exception of question 5 of course which we feel is already bringing us closer together) Please now feel free to monologue like self promotional banshees, stating your message, anything you’d like to plug and some juicy bone of gossip which will make our readers sit up and rub their chins!

Chin rubbing is good, though we wouldn’t like to be responsible for any excessive chaffing. That said, we are a curious couple that love making music, playing music and making life a little more tolerable because of it. We write and produce all our own songs and albums, and we are currently working on our fourth album which will be called ‘The World Outside’. We have played in 30 countries around the world, and we intend to play more. We can think of nothing better, than being on stage together, performing our songs, and having a good ole jolly time. Our music is our passion, and our message, so we won’t cloud it with words. Check out our videos, download our new EP called Changing World (not Men’s Changing Room) for absolutely free, from our website at www.southwaymusic.com. If we’ve made you smile, you can also leave us a tip, as all our art is self-funded. Shameless self-promotion over, the gossip is….actually no, I’m not going to tell you because without mystery, life would be dull and under-appreciated.