Haddock@The Movies


Here we showcase work by social retards, misfits, people without girlfriends and the general detritus of nerdery who have clung onto some delusional hope that having flunked school they can dick around with computers to a point where it makes them famous.

An Unfortunate Oversight (The Fly, but with a Zebra)

Here’s a novel take on ‘The Fly’. No Jeff Goldblum just some hand made stuff animated in a kitchen. Professor Brian Salad invents a teleportation machine and yet, somehow he overlooks the fact that a zebra has walked into his laboratory. The results are, different to say the least. Enjoy! An Unfortunate Oversight


A Nice Piss-Take out of the Twi-shite Saga

Our first offering is ‘Dusk a Twilight Parody’one of about a thousand spoof movies with the same name to be found on Youtube, this production is stand-out in the fact that it doesn’t look like it was made on a phone by some people who’d really rather be playing with lead orcs and 20 sided dice..

Dusk explores the relationship between a Vegitarian and a Meat-Eater or ‘Carnivore’ and how love can conquer any barrier, even the hippy fascination with pretending that canine teeth are just for show like Narwhal tusks (which aren’t just for show by the way).Enjoy!  DUSK – A Twilight Parody