Hang Gliding Bishops in Trouble Again

Hang gliding bishops

Hang gliding bishops

Devon’s Hang Gliding Bishop’s are in trouble with the law again. As you may know the bishops like to swoop around the skies of Devon on windy days barking out fire and brimstone sermons to sinners out shopping on the Sabbath. This is tolerated insomuch as it doesn’t actually make an impact on retail figures for the county. However recently the flying clergymen have taken to flying low over the high streets of Dartmouth, Exeter and Newton Abbot dropping a payload of Missals, prayer books, new testaments and rosaries in an attempt to drive out the evils of Sunday retail. One man who swore back at the bishops after a lump of incense landed in his latte was hit by a Mitre.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has distanced himself from the bishops saying that they are not acting in accordance with his wishes and risk excommunication if they continue this behaviour.

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