Happy days for the Plumber in the Hummer!

The recent snowfalls and freezing temperatures across the UK have proved a windfall to John Dilbury of Tilbury in Essex.

A monster-truck enthusiast and part-time plumber John puts his interests to good use at this time of year. His collection of larger than life vehicles means that, with thick snow on the roads, he is the only qualified plumber in Essex able to ensure a 24/7 call out service.

“With pipes freezing quicker than snot on an Eskimos nose his service is a godsend for the people of Essex, most of whom who wouldn’t know one end of a stopcock from the other.” said Boris Johnsmiths, Mayor of Chelmsford. Due to his unusual mode of transport John has been nicknamed ‘The Plumber in the Hummer’ by locals.

Mrs Blaise of Grays says, “We all love our John, he quickly gets on, if your pipes get a leak, he’ll give them a tweek, and before long your worries are

“I love ice and snow, its freezing I know, but for me it is really a gift. Its bad in the summer, really a bummer, but winter gives me a lift.” says John. “Businesss is great, I’m charging top rate, in winter life’s good as a plumber. And when thaw sets in, I’ll pack it all in, and go back to being a drummer,” refering to his other profession with his band the ‘Jerkin Gherkins.’

Used with kind permission of The Essex Gudgeon

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