Hate Your Boss? Why Not Form a New Country?

Residents of a small market town on the Suffolk/Norfolk border were literally wetting their pants with excitement last night after a disgruntled admin assistant took control of part of an office complex on an industrial estate and proceeded to cede from the rest of the UK. Furious at receiving a second verbal warning from his superiors for flicking balls of his own earwax at the office junior, thirty-three year old Billington Podd barricaded himself behind the doors of the Stepspun/Hogg offal processing plant offices in Diss and declared the entire fourth floor of the building to be a separate country. A trained negotiator was sent in to remonstrate with the self styled Billington I, Lord of all Animal Tripe, Keeper of the Great Hole Punch, President of the Supreme Council of the Secret Santa, Fantasy Football Sweep stake Winner 2007 (First Class, hons) and at one point was heard to say; “Look, you don’t have any hostages, you’re armed with a staple gun and your ‘barricades’ appear to be comprised of a few packets of printing paper crudely leaned up against a photocopier. We don’t exactly need to send in the Green Berets.â€

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