Highlights from the Jimmy Urine Twitter Hijack


As you may know, Jimmy Urine of the band Mindless Self Indulgence is a complete and utter twat of a human. Last month, that vile creature took to Twitter and hacked the hell out of the Haddock News feed. Here are a few of our favorite moments from that event.

1. Jimmy Baits the Hook

2. Jimmy on the English Prison System

3. Jimmy Debates Justin Beiber on Mythology

4. Jimmy on The Circle of Life

5. Jimmy Conducts a Philosophical Seance

6. Jimmy Engages the Fans

7. Jimmy on the Nihilists

8. …or Raper Moon

So, there you have it. Go support Jimmy and his shitty band Mindless Self Indulgence by catching them live as they tour the world promoting the fucking terrible record they’re in the process of making. Moreover, be sure to follow Haddock News on Twitter. We promise never to have him on ever again.