Holographic Randy Savage to host Cooking series

Snap into Organic Watercress!!

Snap into Organic Watercress!!

A&E confirms!

The Savage Garden, a cooking show hosted by a hologram of deceased professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, has been greenlit for 14 episodes.

With hologram technology improving exponentially, it was only a matter of time before Randy Savage would be resurrected and given a television program doing the one thing he truly loved: sharing recipes and delightfully charming anecdotes all while tossing a delicious salad.

He will also rap occassionally.

TNN had tried a similar series with Holographic Paul Williams*, only to meet disappointment when research revealed that Paul Williams was in fact alive and well.

So far it appears that no one is particularly offended by the concept save for Diamond Dallas Page who is also a former wrestler, also a world class salad artisan, not a rapper but does happen to be a yoga instructor, and is also just as alive as Paul Williams.

* – Did you know that Melissa Rivers is already planning a show where Holographic Joan Rivers fixes hot rods?

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