Horses Lured into Meat Factories were Groomed Online!

horse groomingHorse Meat me for a Quick Drink?

A circle of Horse Grooms are facing lengthy jail sentences tonight having confessed to picking up horses on line with the promise of a nice rub down and a handful of sugar lumps!

Some even posed as other horses offering the opportunity to have a race, bite their buttocks or even cheap stud!

However their intentions were completely dishonourable, they were actually working for despicable horse meat traders.

“He got them drunk on Bute and the next thing you know they’re in a lasagna!” said Bob, a Buckinghamshire stable hand who witnessed one attack. “I could do nothing!”

Bob could do nothing it seems but take photos and post them on a filthy horse porn site.

Now the police have him too.

Cruising for a piece of Ass!

Donkey sanctuaries are also being hit by the same gangs of criminals.

“I try to keep them away from the Internet.” Said Beryl Mathers of the Northampton Donkey sanctuary. “But they’re on that bloody Long-Facebook 24-7! It’s nothing but trouble I tell you.”

Cover Blown-Up!

They caught the gang using inflatable horses as decoys.

“Some of them got as far as the factory before they realised…in fact we believe a few actually got into the food chain!” Said Derby Jones from the local police force.

A number of grooms also ended up in meat pies and sausages.

This is fucking disgusting!

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