House of Comedians: Satirists to Run UK for a Day!

The government will take a break from office next week in order to make way for an administration comprised of smart arsed satirists, who have been offered the chance to run the country for a couple of days. Under plans being drawn up by the coalition government, a team made up of over a dozen smarmy know-it-alls will be offered the chance to handle all aspects of the economy, public services and foreign affairs.

In a statement to the house of commons, prime minister David Cameron said; “Seeing as these so called ‘comedy writers’ see fit to mock the best intentions of us elected public servants we decided it might be a fun idea to let them try running the country for a while whilst we sit around and laugh. I’d love to be able to just sit around all day writing silly little spoof newspaper articles, get paid for it and have everybody say how brilliant and funny I am instead of toiling away for eighteen hours every day in the midst of the most difficult recession in living memory and at the end of it I get mocked and vilified by people who couldn’t recognize a finance and market economics brief if it jumped up and bit them on the bee-hind.”

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