North Korean Long Range Missile Found by Beijing Schoolboy

Long Range MissileA child in Beijing was playing in his garden when a North Korean long-range missile crashed into his sandpit.

Initially alarmed the boy who’s name is Xian-Xi picked up the missile and took it to his bedroom to examine the note attached to its tail.

‘To the the finder’ it read. ‘Please phone the following number and tell us where it landed as we’re trying to establish how far these things go…many thanks, The People’s Republic of North Korea. (P.S. Don’t tell anyone)’

Fortunately the boy could read Korean and followed the instructions to the letter.

That would have been the end of the matter except that later that afternoon his friend Xu-Ching came to play.

Xu-Ching’s daddy works for the Chinese government and has trained his son to be a spy.

The story broke and that’s how we found out, fifth hand, as usual.

North Korea, as usual,  are in a lot of trouble and so is Xian-Xi.

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