Intelligent Design Experts suggest Darwin was Paid in Bananas

Charles Darwin, the  face of bananas

Charles Darwin,
the face of bananas

Advocates of Intelligent Design theory have struck a blow for their cause having unearthed evidence that Charles Darwin’s book ‘On The Origin of Species’ was financed by a banana wholesaler.

The subliminal effect of Darwin’s theory that we evolved from monkeys had a massive effect on the sale of banana’s worldwide and can be directly linked to the western world’s growing appetite for the yellow fruit. There is further evidence to suggest that the sale of rope and old tyres also peaked during the book’s golden period.

The anti-evolutionist movement have suggested that this early example of targeted sponsorship clearly suggests that the theory was simply a money making exercise and that God would never have stooped so low.

They go on to suggest that Sir Issac Newton did several promotional advertisements for a Somerset Orchard and Louis Pasteur wore a Unigate T-Shirt during one of his press conferences. A spokesman for God Inc. has added that the Almighty would never use sponsorship because faith is “Never knowingly undersold”

… just like John Lewis!

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