It’s The Great Pakistani Baby Give-Away, Charlie Brown!

There comes a time in every television presenters life where they must ask themselves one thing: ‘Am I going to attempt the treacherous road towards programming that will enlighten and inspire my audience, or am I going to give away babies on a game show?’

Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s answer to that question became clear the moment he entered the studio carrying a dozen infants in a burlap sack!

Toss one up to the man with the beard!

Throughout the course of the program (which is called “Pakistan’s Got Overcrowding So This is All Okay!”), the host asks faith-based trivia questions. People who rack up enough points get a sack baby!

One by one, Hussain launches babies into the audience. The infants crowd-surf their way to their rightful winners. What a glorious day to be barren!

For more on this story (and ticket information), click here.

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