Jack Daniels and McGuinness Mixup

The governments of the UK and Eire were desperately trying to get the Northern Ireland Peace Process back on track last night following a catastrophic bust up between First Minister Peter Robinson and his Sinn Fein Deputy Martin McGuinness. Trouble flared last Saturday night whilst McGuinness was taking part in an international human rights conference in South Africa and Robinson decided to pop round the flat McGuinness shares with his friend, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, in order to chill out in front of the TV and share a couple of doobies. Says Adams; “Peter had brought round a four pack of Carlsberg which we shared between us. However just before Match of the Day came on he noticed we’d run out of booze. Now Martin had been given a bottle of Jack Daniels as a Christmas present by Northern Ireland secretary Owen Paterson which Peter was well up for polishing off. I was reluctant to do this but Peter explained that the shops were now closed and that he was getting paid on Monday so could replace it no problem before Martin got back.â€

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