Jean Michel Jarre to Play ‘Acoustic Unplugged’ Concert in Nashville

Dried up synth legend Jean Michel Jarre is to play an acoustic unplugged version of his 1976 hit album Oxygene in Nashville later this month.

 Support acts include the kraftwerk acoustic experience and the Hank Marvin spoken word tour.

At a pre-tour taster three NME journalists had to be forcibly removed from the auditorium for maniacal laughter related incidents and one obese gentleman from a German music rag fell asleep whilst scratching his ear with a pencil causing an involuntary lobotomy.

Ticket sales have been described as ‘rare’  but the Haddock’s music correspondent Nick ‘the man who would be’ King has billed this as this season’s hot ticket.

“If you’ve got a taste for the ridiculous then this is the thing for you. Watching Jarre plinking the main lick to Oxgene 3 on a 1936 Gibson Archtop is a memory I’ll take to my grave.  Even if it may have taken me a few steps closer to it!” said King.

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