Jenga Skyscraper refused planning permission again: Just too tempting!

building built out of jenga blocks

Jenga tower too tempting for al qaeda

The latest round of planning permission talks for London’s new Jenga Tower have broken down once more as the local council re-iterated the point that it was just too tempting for terrorists to knock it down.

Austrian architect Hans Brendt argued that there was absolutely no evidence to suggest that Al Qaeda cells play Jenga or even know what it is.

“Nobody has ever found a set of Jenga in a bomb factory or training camp, why would they?” argued Mr Brendt in Austrian.

It is well known to interpol and the CIA that that Al Qaeda operatives prefer playing ‘Kerplunk’ and ‘Operation’ as they believe it is a better test of nerves than Jenga.

However, researchers at the University of Sevenoaks in Kent have proved that students who played Jenga were more effective at blowing themselves up than those that didn’t … could there be a link?

It’s not a risk that the Borough of Camden, where Mr Brendt hopes to build his tower, are willing to take.

This is just the latest in a long line of failed projects for Mr Brendt.

Two years ago he was refused permission to build a bridge made of giant dominoes across the Bearing Straits and his application to build a 2000ft tower of cards at Ground Zero also failed.

Never one to say die he is believed to be working on plans for a new project rumoured to be a gigantic glass condom.

A application has been submitted to the Vatican City planning office pending approval!

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