JK Rowling’s Tax Returns to be made into Major New Movie Franchise!

The Tax return is a journey capturing the Zeitgeist of our times..

Everyone knows that anything that JK Rowling has touched automatically quadruples in value, and that anything she writes is a best seller, therefore it should come as no surprise a series of tax returns filled out by ultra-author JK Rowling are to be made into a major new film franchise after rights to the work were snapped up by Warner Brothers yesterday.

The returns which tell the story of a woman getting richer and richer to a point where she simply doesn’t know what to spend the money on are said to contain ‘high drama’ and ‘engaging pathos’.

As yet the films do not have a title although ‘Potter Gold’ is the current favourite.

It is also understood that several TV mini-series and a one-off Christmas special are to be made from her bank statements, scribblings on phone pad and her passport application form from 1985.

Several tissues containing genuine JK Rowling bogies have been bought by the Saudi Royal family as the centre piece to a new exhibition which also includes her used dental floss and a bowl of soup she didn’t finish from Claridges.

In other news, a man who has been collecting her breath for the last seven years is planning to release it at the Hay Literary Festival next year!

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