John Prescott Joins the Thames Barrier!

John Prescott - Thames Barrier

Keep your mouth shut John…that water’s dirty!

Ex Cabinet minister and all-round angry Northern guy; John Prescott has accepted a position as part of the Thames Barrier.

The Barrier, which protects the city of London from flooding is a huge metal and concrete device powered by massive hydraulics…much like Mr Prescott.

No wonder he was so happy to take on the roll.

‘John is excited at the prospect of helping the city in a way that few politicans get the chance to do!’ said an aide.

He’ll have to keep his mouth shut though as even the strongest stomachs can’t cope with a belly full of Thames Water (often peppered with corpses and turd).

Mr Prescott will take up his position in the Spring (when tides are particularily high) where he will replace Bernard Manning who’s corpse has now deteriorated to such an extent that even the bacteria won’t eat it.