Jonny Wilkinson Retired and put out to Stud!

jonny wilkinsonHang up your Studs!

Jonny Wilkinson has been retired by his trainer and been charged with the task of siring a new breed of rugby player.

Taking up residence on a farm in Hereford he will live the life of luxury whilst occasionally being asked to have sex with female wrestlers and certain large and dangerous animals.

It is hoped that he will father a new unbeatable race of English Rugby players who will squash, trample, dismember and eat their way to world cup glory in 2032!

In his present condition Wilkinson is expected to be more than capable of at least another thousand decent shags, maybe more so long as he doesn’t sustain any more injuries.

His progeny will be housed in a new fifty million euro (about £75) facility the location of which is still a well kept secret.

His wife is said to be not best pleased by the news but concedes that ‘the game’ always comes first!


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