Kansas doctor looks to the bright side of Gunshot wounds

When you connect all the dots, it's a seahorse!

When you connect all the dots, it’s a seahorse!

“Not all gunshot injuries are fatal. In fact, sometimes they’re down-right hilarious!”

This is the position of Dr. Milton Wolf, a Kansas radiologist who is known as “the Patch Adams of firearm trauma.” Dr. Wolf is known for his playful approach to treating patients with bullet holes in them.

“For instance, where you see an exit wound, I see a nifty little flower holder,” demonstrates Dr. Wolf as he jabs a daffodil into a bleeding man’s arm. The man smiles through gritted teeth before passing out.

“Or what about an X-ray of a guy with buckshot riddled throughout his torso? I turn that into a DIY connect-the-dots game, then I post the images online so you can try it out at home!” Dr. Wolf beams with pride. “How fun is that?!” The patient was pronounced dead moments later.

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Bennet Vindushali

Bennet Vindushali

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