Kate Middleton is Allergic to Corgis!

Corgis Bring Princess Kate out in a Rash

Corgis Bring Princess Kate out in a Rash

Now you tell me!

Yes the darling princess has a dark secret… as well as a pathological fear of them, she’s allergic to the Queen’s favorite pets; Corgis! They bring her out in a rash and make her sneeze uncontrollably.

In her youth she used to hunt them down and spatchcock them as a warning to others, but all that will have to change now she’s a Windsor.

The Welsh Corgis (Hampsterus Bielzibubus) were once used a siege weapons because they are capable of biting through solid brick and also because they fit snugly inside a ship’s cannon and can survive being fired great distances.

Originally they were assigned to the queen not as pets but for her own protection.

The battle of Trafalgar was largely fought by corgis fired from the HMS Victory into various French ships where they ate as many as seven thousand French sailors and their horses.

Prince William is said to be “Trying to think of an answer” to this issue as his mother is not likely to part with the dogs. One suggestion is that they are coated in cellophane to prevent the hair getting onto furniture and daughter-in-law’s noses but this is likely to result in suffocation of the animals which is a little barbaric.

Madam Tussauds have been commissioned to build a very lifelike mannequin of the princess for public appearances at the palace, much like the one of the queen they used for the Jubilee Pop Concert and boat trip.

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