Katy Perry in Feud with Unruly Spaghetti Strap

Continuing a decade-long celebration of her divorce from Russell Brand, popular music icon Katy Perry attended the 2012 Electronic Substandards music festival this past weekend. Most of the festival was a great time for Perry, who was seen doing body shots with members of the Black Keys and Holographic Tupac. Things took a turn for the worst however, when one of the spaghetti straps holding Perry’s dress became too drunk to support the garment and slipped off of her shoulder.

“I’m really disappointed in the behavior of my left strap this last Saturday” Perry stated to Laudatory Magazine. “I’m just lucky the dress was only $25,000 (£94,000) so I could throw it away on the spot.” Indeed, the situation with the shoulder strap got out of hand to the point that Katy Perry ditched the dress altogether and watched Florence and the Machine’s set in her underwear.

After sobering up, the spaghetti strap fired off a number of damning tweets aimed at Perry, calling her a “drunken whore” and a “horrible gardener.” Perry shot back a single tweet defending her gardening skills, leading some to believe a minor feud maybe be developing.

This is not the first time that Perry has had run-ins with incorrigible clothing items. A similar incident at the BMI awards last year nearly had Katy Perry topless on the red carpet. Before that, an altercation with a pair of legwarmers threatened to delay a music video shoot. A spokesperson for Perry says that in addition to seeking new lovers, she is also seeking a new stylist and personal shopper.

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