Ken Clarke Caught Smuggling 30 000 Lambert & Butler Down the Eurotunnel!

Minister caught smuggling cigarettes at the Euro tunnel (French side)
Kenneth Clarke, junior minister for justice, was detained by customs officials attempting to smuggle 300,000 Lambert and Butler cigarettes into the U.K. When confronted by French police officers on a Eurolies coach , he said he did German at school and said the 3 Head holdalls full of cigarettes actually belonged to the passenger next to him with a passport from Mali.

Just say no!!

Clarke, who has a ferocious temper, caused a scene on the poorly air-conditioned coach. He was dragged off by 4 officers, swearing violently at other passengers. A witness claimed he was complaining to the driver throughout the journey about the conditions on board from joining the service in Cherbourg. Another witness claimed he accused the driver of not having a shower and broke coach conduct eating hot food and drinking bottles of lager, opening them with a souvenir lighter from Spain.

Smells like mean spirit.

Clarke texted Cameron he’s sorry, Cameron texted back Gove sending him a You tubular clip of an old Marlboro advert, messaging him ‘SO MY BOX OF 200 FOR A TENNER IS A FORGONE CONCLUSION!!’. Gove backed up the reason why he drank alcohol on a Eurolie coach claiming ‘you need to black out somehow on those B.O den sh*theaps somehow, I recommend Holsten super lager!’

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