Lady Gaga Becomes the World’s 9th Largest Religion!

Lady Gaga Twitter Religion

Gaga on Twitter Numbers Sail past Judaism and Sikhism

Lady Gaga on Twitter now has more followers than fourteen of the worlds largest Religions.  With over Twenty Million followers she has recently overtaken Judaism and Sikhism!  Gaga on Twitter already has more followers than  Juche 19 million, 7 million,Jainism: 4.2 million,Shinto: 4 million, Cao Dai: 4 million, Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million, Tenrikyo: 2 million, Neo-Paganism: 1 million,Unitarian-Universalism: 800K, Rastafarianism: 600K and Scientology: 500K  and lots of others we’ve forgotten to add. (

Will there be a Gaga on Twitter Bible?

At present there are no plans to write a Gaga on Twitter Bible but that may change when her followers start building churches and needing an order of service.

Her songs have been slowed down and put to organ music so they can be sung as hymns and children are to be baptised into the faith using eyeliner and champagne.

Gaga on Twitter-ism or Gagaism will promote women priests and the churches will have heating and cocktails to make the time go faster.

The Priests and Priestesses will wear outlandish creations by Alexander McQueen and Vivien Westwood among others. The sign of peace will be offered using iPhone’s.

Gaga on Twitter may Become a Country

With a population larger than most of the world’s countries, Gaga on Twitter could become a virtual nation built upon cyber real estate.

Currently she is battling with Yemen and Ghana for 48th place.

Gaga would be the queen, of course whilst ministers and dignitaries would be appointed according to the number of tweets, mentions, re-tweets, cool followers and #tags they have accumulated during their Tweet-life or Tweetspan.

Ridiculous but Interesting

It may seem a little far-fetched but you have to remember that Religions and countries were originally founded upon popular consent, belief, power and interest.

Had it existed two thousand years ago Lady Gaga on Twitter may have become cult, a country or even an empire with a following that size!

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