Latest Shocker from Wikileaks

wikileaksShocking new US Government documents have been posted today by the global whistleblowing website ‘Wikileaks’.

The lastest in a serious of embarassing revelations from internal US Embassy correspondence, today’s shocker concerns relations between the US and UK Embassies in the Central Asian state of Uzbekhistan.

In a leaked memo to Washington, the US ambassador to the country, Chick Dickson, refers to his UK counterpart, Piers Frampton-Heath, as, “a really swell guy.” The cable goes on to say that relations with the UK Ambassador are, “very friendly, or I could go as far as to say, we are the best of pals.” The US Ambassador apparently feels, “we are totally on the same team, in the zone, on the same wavelength, cut from the same cloth.”

The cable further mentions that, at a reception given in honour of the Dutchess of Kent on her visit to the country, the UK Ambassador introduced the US Ambassador with the words, “this fine fellow is Chicky Dicky from the Unites States of America maam, a thoroughly good egg.”

Reactions to the leak have been harsh. Hamish MacKinitup, Editor of the Scottish Sun said, “Ah dinnae believe a word of it. It is obviously a plant to put a positive spin on Wikileaks after all the grief they’ve been getting recently. Ambassadors with a mutual respect, and even a liking for one another? The idea is patently absurd!”

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