Legalising Marijuana is Nacho Genocide!

Nachos and other snacks protest about Marijuana legalisation!

Legalising Marijuana means certain death for Nachos!

Legalising Marijuana means certain death for Nachos!

Nachos, the favoured snack of anyone who is smoking pot, consider themselves to be the victims in this story.

Thousands of the innocent little triangular crisps are expected to have their lives foreshortened by plans to make the drug legal.

“We feel that our members have been forgotten in this struggle!” Said one sour cream and chive nacho who preferred to remain nameless. “Everybody forgets that drinking beer tends to result in a kebab, or a curry or a rack of ribs. But pot-heads cull Nacho’s by the billion and things are only going to get worse!” He continued.

Then we ate him.

And lit up a joint.

In Washington State.

We then drove to Colorado and did the same, this time we ate twelve packets of Nachos.

This experience has taught us that it is indeed the humble Mexican snack that is going to come off worse.

Representatives of bottled water ‘Ecstasy’, Stolen goods ‘Heroin’ and Maple Syrup ‘crack (see Rob Ford)’ have also voiced there concerns in preparation for the debate about the legalisation of these drugs.

However a spokesperson for the government pointed out that these drugs were unlikely to be legalised because being extremely high prevents people doing what they’re told!

Unlike drinking a bottle of tequila that is…

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