Lego Continent found floating in the Pacific.

Lego City


Scientists have discovered an entire Lego continent floating in the middle of the pacific ocean. Believed to be about the size of Australia the Island christened ‘Legonia’ has miraculously escaped detection before now.

Populated by lego men, women, children, Marvel Figures, Harry Potter characters and some seals, the giant plastic Island appears to be completely self sustained with a remarkable infrastructure of roads and cities.

It is believed that the new civilisation formed when tonnes of micro-plastic sludge, discarded lego sets, plastic carrier bags and other plastic waste were fused together by Pacific currents and rapidly began to evolve thanks to a number of lego manuals that had survived the journey on account of the fact they were still in their plastic wrapping having been ignored by those shitty impatient kids who never look at the instructions, screw up the model and then throw it into the nearest ocean.

Coming ashore on the south coast of the legopolis the team were initially met by hostility having come under attack from lego knights and more worryingly some highly technical lego machine kits which had evolved M61 style midi cannons firing ‘oners’ at the speed of sound.

The team’s dog bought the big one.

UN leaders are now gathering in The Haig to try and figure out what to do about this situation. So far they have all agreed that everything is no awesome.

Meanwhile reports of a Playmobil Island in the North Sea remain unconfirmed and plans are afoot to capture the giant sentient monster comprising of thousands of rotting cabbage patch dolls seen off the coast of Nova Scotia last month.


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