Lesbian Minister Advocates “Beating the Straight Out of Your Children”

Pastor Sean Harris speaks candidly about his stance on the "backhand vs. open palm" debate.

Pastor Sean Harris speaks candidly about his stance on the “backhand vs. open palm” debate.

People of both religious and secular views were stunned last week by the extreme language used during a church sermon delivered in North Carolina by preacher and holy-hetero crusader Pastor Sean Harris. In his address to a sizable and eager congregation, Harris delivered a gleeful dissertation on the positive aspects of child abuse in the case of children deemed to be exhibiting homosexual tendencies. According to Harris, “girls who have mullets can get a good smack or two,” and “boys who want to try on dresses are just asking for the waterboarding.” Yesterday, gay Minister Jo Schlatterblat of the First Rejoined Hope Ministry in San Jose, California delivered a similar sermon of her own. Below is an excerpt from that sermon, which lasted nearly a full hour:

“…and that is why God told Isaac to drink from the brook; he wanted him to see the reflection of man upon man, and to establish that connection! That is a real connection, people. You can’t find that with the opposite sex. That’s something you need to instill in your children early on. If you see little Billy holding hands with Suzy, break that little punk’s collar bone! Oh, teenage Debbie wants to go to the Steak ‘n Shake with a boy after school? You stuff that brat in the closet and keep her there ’til she comes out overweight and wearing a leather jacket!”

Though Schlatterblat did not reference Harris directly in her monologue, she did make a brief statement to the press expressing her views sometime after the Sunday services. She told The Haddock that her congregation “could kick his congregation’s ass like a Slayer mosh pit” and that “the time of straight evangelists having a monopoly on hatred, fear and intolerance is over.” Schlatterblat vowed to continue spreading a Godly message of inhumane cruelty with conviction, leading some to wonder if Harris will be able to somehow up the vitriolic ante.

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