LGBT water fowl refuse to answer Duck Dynasty duck calls!


Quack this, cross-clutcher!

Gay ducks everywhere are expressing outrage over the recent rant by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson in an interview with GQ Magazine.

In the interview, Phil claimed that “the bible expressly forbids gays in the executive suite jacuzzi of our heavenly father,” and that “homosexual sex is no different than finger-banging a donkey.”

Though the interview got Robertson yanked from the program, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered ducks of the world are not satisfied. In a mass protest, thousands of water fowl are refusing to respond to the Duck Commander duck call – the product upon which the Duck Dynasty was built.

duckcommandegay“We’ll answer the call of the Duck Commander when these religious nuts change their ways,” claims community organizer Bluebell the Flemish Goose. “Surely that is something that can happen over night if we protest hard enough.”

For more on mallard empowerment, click here.

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