LHC Scientists Confirm Existance of Pigs-Boson Particle

Pigs-boson particlePig Business

A tiny blip on a graph and a faint smell of bacon may not sound like much but they indicate the probable existence of one of the most elusive particles known to science; the Pigs-Boson.

‘Up until now it was just  theory but these results are indesputable,’ Said David Dr Haffen of the Cern Lab. ‘It’s like Christmas has come early … only two weeks but it’s still cool!’ he laughed. ‘The Pigs-Boson Particle is is one of the building blocks of the universe, without it we wouldn’t have pigs, ham, bacon or frazzles.’

Exactly why there is a particle specifically for pigs is unclear but it has long been suspected that it existed and that in all likelihood if alien species do exist elsewhere in the universe they too will have pigs, or in fact they may have evolved from pigs into higher beings.

If isolated the Pigs-Boson could lead to fantastic scientific breakthroughs, albeit ones in and around pigs and pig stuff.

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