Librarian Strike Threatens to Bring UK to a Standstill!

Librarian Strike

The nation has been plunged into
chaos following a lightning strike today by librarians and library assistants, protesting against public sector spending cuts.

The doors of hundreds of libraries across England remained closed while library staff walked on Parliament to speak out against the government.

Frederick Farquar, city futures trader, who recently earned a bonus of £1m said ‘It’s an outrage, in these times of public austerity, where are people supposed to get a book to read or access to a computer? Do I have to resort to spending my hard earned cash on a book from Waterstones?’

Thousands of disgruntled pensioners and tramps, with nothing better to do with their time languished in the cold outside lending libraries across the country and were left completely in the dark regarding mundane local events and happenings, normally publicised inside the public establishments.

Arthur Grimshaw, 68 from Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire said ‘It’s a disgrace. My books are due back today meaning that I’m clocking up a fine of over £1.86 every 24 hours’.

Meanwhile attendance at community coffee mornings and flower shows plunged to an all-time low as an indirect consequence of the direct action by public sector staff.

Next week’s work to rule by civic trust employees is expected to have a similar impact although experts are unable to predict the precise nature of its affect as nobody seems to know exactly what civic trusts actually do.


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