Libya to Host 2020 Olympics

In a surprise move, the IOC have announced that Libya is to host the 2020 Olympics.  Apparently after careful consideration the war torn country was streets ahead of it’s nearest competitors.

“It has a lovely climate,” said one committee member. “Not much chance of rain!”

“We can have the regatta in the Mediterranean, how lovely!” said another.

Suggestions that building contractors, oil companies, arms dealers and just about every vulture minded business organisation imaginable will be descending upon the stricken nation once the dust has settled were strongly denied by all involved.  When a reporter from The Haddock piped up and asked why a country that had not even entered an Olympic bid should be selected he was swiftly shown the exit.

In order to  help them along, NATO Forces have kindly agreed to demolish some buildings to pave way for the construction of a new Olympic Village and various stadiums. 

“That ought to save them a lot of time and money!” said an IOC spokesman. “It’s so lovely to see so many countries pooling their resources in support of the games.”

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