Light aircraft brought down by Mitt Romney Campaign Balloon

mitt romney balloons

Jackson Plank III, an ex wrestler from Ohio, is recovering in hospital this afternoon after  his Cessna 172 light aircraft dropped out of the sky above a Concert hall in Milwaukee where Presidential Campaigner Mitt Romney was giving a speech to the troops.

Shortly after 10am EST ten thousand balloons, each printed with Mr Romney’s face, were released to victorious cheers.

However, moments later, several of these balloons became entangled in the propeller of Mr Plank’s aircraft stopping it dead in its tracks.

The plane plummeted over seven hundred feet, fortunately landing in the courtyard of a polystyrene packaging manufacturer…a twist of fate which saved the pilot’s life.

In a statement to the press Mr Romney’s aid said that the whole story had been blown out of all proportion.

However, President Obama’s team were quick to jump on the bandwagon, accusing Mr Romney of using extra strong un-poppable balloons  in an attempt to spread his message across the country.

Such a plan would endanger lives and confuse owls, they said.

In order to level the playing field for this year’s election an election-balloon commission is being assembled to look into the matter.

George W Bush, who is currently working in Madame Tussauds as a waxwork of himself while the real one is being cleaned, is expected to chair the commission.

Mr Plank, meanwhile, is considering wether or not to sue, although this decision may be heavily influenced by the fact that he does not own a pilot’s licence and the wreckage of his plane contains several used crack-pipes.

He was also found to be wearing a butt-plug called a warthog (we called the manufacturer and they said that the packaging for this device clearly states that it is not to be used whilst driving or operating machinery! )


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