Climber ‘Lipstick Yeti’ Sex Encounter

Lipstick Yeti's asking for it

Lipstick Yeti’s asking for it

Climber was led on by Yeti

Unconfirmed reports from a local newspaper in Nepal suggest that a climber who had sex with a yeti during an in the foothills of Mount Everest yesterday afternoon was led on by the animal.

The female yeti, believed to be around seven foot tall, was encountered by a group of climbers who had been drinking heavily.

One of the men, who’s identity is yet to be released, then proceeded to bend the unsuspecting primate over a rock, drop his trousers and fuck it for ‘a good ten minutes’ according to one eye witness. Afterwards he hugged it and they both cried for a while.

Asked what caused this unusual event, one of the climbers said that the Yeti was dressed provocatively and was acting in a very flirtatious manner, but this has yet to be proved.

Lip stick Yeti’s

Reports of Yeti’s ‘gagging for it’ are common in the area and items including makeup, thongs and Dutch pornography have been found in their nests on more than one occasion.

That being said, the Nepalese authorities are treating this incident extremely seriously.

The tourist board, on the other hand, are already trying to capitalise on Yet-sex-tourism and are expecting next year to be a bonanza!