Lucky Dope

Frank Clank of Chelmsford went from boom to bust last night when it emerged that all 750,000 of the lottery tickets he purchased from a garage in the town had the same number. Far from an oversight on his part this unfortunate state of affairs was the result of an event so statistically unlikely that scientists have been called in to investigate. Mr Clank walked into the store at 2pm and asked the attendant for a pint of milk and 750,000 lucky dips, all of which returned the same number. A representative from the National Lottery apologised in person to Mr Clank but was unable to compensate him for his loss.  ‘I admit that this scenario is improbable,’ he said. ‘However it is possible.’ Whether or not this is true remains to be seen according to experts at Sevenoaks University. Professor Wolftrousers of the statistical analysis department has calculated that the likelihood of such an event occurring is akin to finding a planet in our solar system inhabited by beings made of tomato soup.

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