Man cooks himself in self-assembly microwave blunder

A correctly assembled Microwave

A correctly assembled Microwave

At 10.30pm last night Keith Barnes of Hove was found on the floor of his kitchen, his condition described as medium-rare.

Although the kitchen itself appeared largely intact, a number of plastic items had melted and some surfaces had a light dusting of popcorn.

The accident, believed to be the first of its kind, came about when Keith wrongly assembled a microwave inside out, thus converting his house into an oven.

In response to the smell of burning and some bright flashes, the neigbours ran outside to see Mr Barnes’s house glowing and smoking.

Fire fighters were unable to get into the property as it was rotating.

When it finally came to a standstill there was an ear splitting ‘Ding!’, the door fell off and an two roasted cats were ejected onto the lawn.

Several other pets were cooked in the incident and his lawn was said to be ‘al-dente’ but quite palatable.

Flowers were left at the gates of technical college where he lectured in advanced electronics and engineering.

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