Un Lung Hero


You think you’ve been drunk? Spare a thought for Arlo Pemberton of Hull who, having drunk somewhere in the region of nineteen pints of cider, headed out into the garden for a barbecue. Strange enough behavior for January you may think, but matters were to take a turn for the worse. Suffice to say that when he finally came to his senses as the smell of cooking meat wafted across his nostrils, he looked down to see, not burgers or sausages, but his own lungs, done to a turn. Needless to say this was the last thing he saw before collapsing.

An ambulance crew were called. Ultimately this was a pointless gesture as traditionally they don’t carry spare
lungs in the medical bag. It was the end of a long day and having realised they couldn’t save the patient, instead they grabbed some baps and ketchup and proceeded to eat his lungs instead.

“They’re a bit like venison,’ said Sinead Markham, the ambulance driver. Fortunately they got a photo first (featured).

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