Man sets fire to his Nose after trying to light a stick of Nicotine Gum!


Cigarettes safer than gum for some people

Cigarettes safer than gum for some people

Desperate for a nicotine hit, Frank Lee from Staines ran out to the chemist and bought himself a box of nicorette gum.

Having disgarded the packaging on the way home he pulled out a piece and proceeded to place it between his lips and set light to it.Mr Lee was released from hospital this morning with a large bandage wrapped around his nose. “It’s not just the smoking that’s habit forming, it’s the whole process. I was on auto pilot. It may seem stupid to some people but it was a reflex action.” He mumbled.

However it turns out that this is not the first incident of Mr Lee injuring himself with habit-breaking products.

Last Feburary he was admitted to hospital after smoking roll-ups made from Nicorette patches and the previous October he almost lost his life having fallen asleep in bed with a lit nicotine inhaler hanging from his mouth.

His house was burned to the ground.An incredulous spokesman from Nicorette said that some people are simply doomed. It seems that Mr Lee is more of a danger to himself than cigaretts or any drug and by giving up smoking he is more likely die young.

On the advice of his doctors he has taken up the habit again before the stress of giving up puts his life or indeed the lives of others in danger.

The ambulance crew who attended the scene of Mr Lee’s most recent accident report that despite his injuries he did manage to successfully take three or four drags on the stick of gum which has now been donated to a local curiosity museum.

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