Marine Le Pen offers Sarkozy a pair of Stilts

Right wing presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has responded to Incumbent President Sarkosy’s attempts to woo the right by sending him a set of stilts on which to canvas for votes.

The diminutive leader, known to enjoy the company of those shorter than himself, would certainly stick out from the crowd were he to don the stilts, however, with only weeks to go till the second round of voting … would he have time time to learn how to use them.

The Haddock’s political correspondent Literal Brian has been looking into it and uncovered some startling facts about stilt-walking.

Circus freak and some-time leader of the UK Liberal Party Nick Clegg is a keen stilt-walker and used the technique to win in his local constituency of  Sheffield Hallam.

Voters were said to be impressed by his long legs and giant shoes.Marine Le Pen

George W Bush also attempted to use stilts but, according to one aid, didn’t have the wherewithal to master them.

Winston Churchill famously wore stilts to the opening of Parliament in 1927, banging his head on the ceiling and falling onto King George V’s lap where he promptly vomited.

Mr Sarkozy is said to be ‘a bit stroppy’ about the gift but is willing to try anything as the presidency is slipping away from him forcing him to resume his old career as a chimney sweep’s lad.


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