Mars Curiosity Rover finds German Beach Towel!

It was only a matter of time before the first extra-terrestrial German Tourist left a towel on the Red Planet.

The Towel, a dirty brown affair sporting some sort of dolphin motif, was found ten yards to the left of ‘Tedious Pebble’ the latest target for Curiosity’s Nerdo Laser.

It was thrown across a plastic sun lounger stamped with the slogan ‘Do not remove, Property of the Bismark Continental Hotel, Olympus Mons!’

NASA took the news well announcing at the press conference that such things have a weary inevitibility about them.

“It means the whole project is a waste of time!” Said one of the team who had just received a message that Curiosty had hit a half empty-beer bottle after wheel-spinning its way out of some pickled cabbage.

German tourists are common in the Universe, often turning up on comets and asteroids un announced.

Their presence, however, does interfere with the search for true aliens as any planet visited by a German Tourist can be struck off the list.

The head of NASA is understood to have sent a ‘Strongly Worded’ email to the German Tourist Board imploring them not to send members of the public into space as it’s… a ‘Fucking Nuisance!’

However, this is likely to fall on Deaf Ears as, at any given time, up to ten thousand German nationals are believed to be roaming the cosmos in speedo’s, talking loudly and smearing their leathery skin with Bromine.

“We wouldn’t mind so much if they actually brought back some useful data!” Said NASA. “But all we get are ashtrays, keyrings and stupid animals made from shells!”